Squee! droxnar711 & I spent last week in Toronto. It was the first time we actually went somewhere for a real, week-long vacation. Ok, so we had an ulterior motive - to pick up this piece of paper for our "paper" anniversary.

Yeppers! We are now legally married in Canada! Now if only the U.S. would get it's head out of it's ass and recognize this we could get on with destroying the institution of marriage like we're supposed to.
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Defying Reason

Well, I now have conclusive proof that there is no God; the "Defying Gravity" dance remixes on iTunes. If there was any way to remove the unfortunate experience of hearing these audible atrocities from my memory I would do it in a heartbeat. I can’t believe someone hated the song “Defying Gravity” so much that they felt the need to twist it into a horror such as this and loose it upon mankind.
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These guys are Republican Presidential "hopefuls"?

During the GOP Presidential debate last night, when asked to raise their hands if they don't believe in evolution, Sen. Sam Brownback, Gov. Mike Huckabee and Rep. Tom Tancredo all said they do not.

I can't wait to hear their take on that silly "Earth revolves around the sun" theory...
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300 Error

Leonidas: Tonight...we dine in Hell!
Maitre D': I'm sorry sir but we have a "no sleeveless shirts" policy.
Leonidas: um, but we're wearing capes.
Maitre D': I'm sorry sir but that's not really a shirt now is it.
Leonidas: well, no - I guess not. Hey, do you have outside seating?
Maitre D': No sir.
Leonidas: *sigh* Can I at least see a menu?
Maitre D': Certainly. We can prepair certain dishes to go...
Leonidas: Really?
Maitre D': Certainly.
Leonidas: Tonight...we do take-out from Hell!
Maitre D': Very good sir.
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...Days and Counting...

33 days until I'm married (FRIGGIN SWEET!!!)
11 days until my last day in Gehenna (Hellz Yeah!)
4 days until Bearwatch (w00t!)

*doin' the ferret dance of joy*
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Code this...

Ok, so Opus Dei is all worked up over "The Da Vinci Code".

So is Da Vinci Outreach - a coalition of Catholic organizations who's goal is "to expose the anti-Catholic lies in the upcoming movie 'The Da Vinci Code'".

Eduardo Ermita, the executive secretary to Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, wants the Philippine government to ban the movie.

And of course we can't leave out the President of The Catholic League, Bill Donohue. For the past few months every time he has had a public speaking engagement he has made sure to squeeze in his thoughts about The Da Vinci Code.

There are currently more than 37 books published that proport to "debunk" the Da Vinci Code. There are over 65 websites for organizations that claim to do the same, each with a huge laundry list of "facts" that show how the evil Dan Brown (otherwise known as The Great Satan) has twisted Church history in order to attack Christianity.

Well, guess what people - ITS FICTION! JUST GET OVER IT! Just like Star Wars; just like Raiders of the Lost Ark; just like The Passion of the Christ - FICTION!

And now many of these groups are demanding that Sony Pictures place add a disclaimer on the movie stating that it is a work of fiction. But you know, I wouldn't have a problem with that; as long as a similar disclaimer was put in the front of every Bible.

But until that happens all these people that are working themselves in to an uproar should just chill out and let this pass on by because most people kind of get that its just fiction. I don't think many people are going to go see this movie and say "Oh my god - they're right! This whole Christian thing is crap! It's all so clear to me now - SCIENTOLOGY! Hey, Tom Cruise can't be wrong (or straight for that matter)!" I'm sorry, no matter how good the book (or the movie) is I can't see it causing masses of people to renounce their faith over it. And if they did, what kind of faith did they have in the first place?
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